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CCA02 WildChild

Encouraging children and families to explore nature through play.

Project Summary

Wildchild is about learning through play – bringing children and families closer to nature and discovering their wild places through exploration and fun. Informal education activities help children and their families to better understand the Trent Valley and their local environment, engendering a wish to visit and protect the heritage of the Trent Valley Washlands.

Activities include Wildlings and Nature Tots, which are aimed at pre-school children and encourage them to play and explore without their parent’s direct involvement in a controlled and safe outdoor setting. Wildplay and Forest Schools, aimed at older children, help them develop a sense of belonging in the landscape, promoting a life-long love for the natural world. Wildchild is guiding the decision-makers of the future. By engaging with families, we have the opportunity, not only to influence the next generation, but increase the use of natural open spaces for recreation, learning and valuing.

Alongside our child-based activities we are also offering taster and training days for parents to provide support and ideas for family days out throughout the project area.

Families engaged will have a greater knowledge of accessible sites and strategies for engaging with nature. They will have learned about appropriate use of wildlife & heritage sites and their use will continue past the life of this funded project.

Some elements of this project will be able to continue past its initial funded term, Wildlings, Wildfamilies and Nature Tots all run in other parts of the county on a charged-for sustainable basis. Often we find that when something has been offered for free for many years, introducing a charge is almost a death blow. This project will be offering greatly subsidised fees for sessions, with attendees clear that they are being subsidised by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The school engagement will also be able to continue on a paid for basis, as we do elsewhere in the county.

The level of delivery will no doubt reduce as the need to cover staff time may divert the focus away from this area, unless we find a new source of funding to continue subsidising the role.

Wildlings and WildFamilies Discover are Back!

Watch this video to find out what to expect when attending our family events over the next few weeks/months.

Details of upcoming events and how to book you and your child's place will be listed on our Events page. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Project Lead

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (Scheme Lead Partner)

Kathryn Kavanagh
WildChild Officer
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Transforming the Trent Valley
Aggregate Industries

Our WildFamilies events at Tucklesholme Nature Reserve are funded by Aggregate Industries Local Partnerships Development Fund.

Burton Library

Our WildFamilies events at the Washlands in Burton upon Trent are supported by Burton Library.

The Commissioner's People Power Fund.

Our Getwild events at Eton Community Park are funded by The Commissioner's People Power Fund.


WildChild Blog

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Make a seasonal Frosted Leaf Jar

Get creative by using textures from nature to create a seasonal frosted jar.

Make a seasonal Robin Lantern

Make a seasonal illuminated lantern, perfect for bringing some colour and light to our winter days.

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WildChild Blog: A Sunny Afternoon.

On Wednesday 26th August our Wildfamilies session once again returned to the Washlands and it was a glorious day!

Last time we explored the Washlands the weather was wild, this week we had blue skies, and sunshine. Not exactly what was expected, so always be ready to swap the hood for shades.

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WildChild Blog: It's Good to be Back!

Last Friday was the first session back for our Wildchild events and we had an amazing time!

As you may have seen from my previous blog posts, I've been very busy creating resources for families to enjoy during lockdown. I have really enjoyed making how to sheets and trying new crafts. Now I am really happy to be able to set up sessions for families to once again enjoy the outdoors safely.

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Let's make a Pom-Pom Swan.

Last week I was able to visit the Trent Valley landscape, for the first time since lockdown and I wandered round the Washlands. While I walked I spotted the amazing Burton Swans art work being installed in different places. There really are wonderful pieces to look out for.

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How to make planters from recycled materials.

Planters and seed trays can be made from everyday rubbish we normally put in our recycle bin. Why not give that single use plastic a second chance with these handy planter ideas?

Share your recycled planter ideas with us on twitter using #thetrentvalley

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Mini-beast Spotter Sheet

How many bugs can you spot in your garden? See what lurks and scuttles around in your garden. Woodlice, worms, moths, beetles and slugs. How many more can you find?

Share your completed spotter sheets with us on twitter using #thetrentvalley

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How to make biodegradable planters from recycled materials.

How to make biodegradable planters from recycled materials A simple how to guide to making biodegradable planters from recycled materials found in your home.

Share your recycled, biodegradable planters with us on twitter using #thetrentvalley

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Garden Bird Spotter Sheet.

How many different types of bird can you spot in your garden? This handy spotter sheet is perfect for children and adults to discover and identify some of the bird species that visit your garden.

Share your completed Garden Bird ID Spotter Sheets with us on twitter using #thetrentvalley

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Details of future projects to be delivered by Transforming the Trent Valley and its partners as part of the WildChild project will be posted here soon.

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