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Learn Why and How to Record Wildlife

With a big thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Transforming the Trent Valley are excited to host our free "Discovering and Recording Wildlife" event for families on Saturday 19th June at Croxall Lakes Nature Reserve.

This day is part of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild, which encourages people to do something wild every day for the month of June. On the weekend of 19th /20th June, the Trust are asking people to take part in the 'Big Weekend Wildlife Watch', looking for and recording wildlife in your local areas.

Spotting wildlife can be a lot more than a pastime. Finding and recording species data is hugely important to understanding and protecting our local environment and the wildlife that resides there. During our event at Croxall Lakes, staff and volunteers from Transforming the Trent Valley will guide you through what a wildlife record is, and how to submit them while you explore the wildlife of this beautiful nature reserve. Families will also receive a free Transforming the Trent Valley wildlife ID guide and survey booklet to explore the Trent Valley and its wildlife.

To ensure Covid safety and social distancing, the event will be split into 3 timeslots - 10.00 to 11.30am, 12.00 to 1.30pm and 2.00 to 3.30pm. Head to our website for more information and to book your space.

For more information about 30 Days Wild, see Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's website

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Washlands Test Pit Investigations; January 2021

We will be delivering the biodiversity enhancement program as set out in the Burton Washlands Vision through our Living Floodplains project.

Prior to the delivery of this program, we need to understand the geology of the Washlands before we are able to confirm a final suite of biodiversity projects. One of the steps in this process is to dig a series of test pits. We will be digging approximately 10 test pits across the Washlands in January 2021 as part of our investigations.

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Happy 1st Birthday Transforming the Trent Valley!

I joked with Louise (Transforming the Trent Valley Scheme Manager) that she has just had her first 'Sarahversary' and asked if we had to sum up our 1st year of the scheme what three words would we choose? For me, I chose easier, amusing and informative. Louise chose supportive, fun and challenge.

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Call for Citizen Scientists.

Transforming the Trent Valley scheme is launching our 'Big Washlands Watch' project in 2020. This project aims to learn more about the number and types of species living in the Trent Valley area by encouraging local people to get involved in some citizen science activities. We would like to hear from people and groups within the Transforming the Trent Valley scheme area who want to learn more about the wildlife on their doorstep and would like to help us to record it.

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